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Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Rebirth is defined as "|a period of new life, growth, or activity; a revival"|

Art has been said to be therapeutic in dealing with emotions, whether it's through the creative process itself or through staring at art created by a third party

ZUKI PERSPECTIVE was inspired by the journey of self rediscovery and self-work. It can often seem daunting to take the plunge and take a journey of self rediscovery - but when you do, you will be surprised what you learn about yourself. We live in a world where there are so many extrinsic factors that can influence our inner peace, that we often don't have the time or capacity to address them all. Which can often lead to people that are : anxious, depressed, lost in a sea of toxic productivity or being so out of touch with the present moment , that they become out of touch with themselves .

Throughout my journey, of self doubt, anxiety, depression, failure, joy, healing and peace; I have always turned to art for an expressive outlet. Which turned into something much deeper, causing me to consistently self reflect and explore parts of myself, that I perhaps wouldn't have, via other outlets. In some ways art has enabled me to rebrand and revive parts of myself that became lost or hidden, in the dark or busy moments of life.

Every moment in life we go through has a degree of impermanence.

What I hope to show through the art work is that not only do they stand the test of time, but they will give you a piece of consistency and continuity.

There is a saying "weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning." - Psalms 30:5

As we take this journey together, you will see, that Art is my joy...the morning has come.

New collection: Rebirth ----- coming soon


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