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Art is me

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Hi there,

It's me... Zuki... the artist

At one time I wouldn't of dared to give myself that title as I never deemed my self worthy, to stand alongside the greats. But today, I accept that I deserve the title of Artist just as much as most. I would of never have been so bold to put my gifts out there to the world but now I think... why not. I've not only been blessed with a way with words but a creative mind and I refuse to leave this earth without sharing it .

That's the beauty of life and human beings , we have the opportunity to continually redefine who we are and want to be, and what we can offer the world. So my question to you is ...what is that thing in your life that you are holding back from doing or sharing ?

I mean, I get it, it's not easy to be the object of scrutiny, in a world where everyone has an opinion.

But for Zuki Perspective, the pieces of art are objects of conversation. I most definitely challenge you to have a debate, or discussion, about how a painting spoke to you, or made you feel, share it with your friends and family and use it as a way to connect. Especially at a time when many of us feel disconnected.

I admit, life can be hectic, so many times we find ourselves running around or rushing through life, to keep up or to stay afloat ....but art is still.... art is being present ... art is peace ... art is freedom... art is is me... so enjoy as I expose myself all over your walls.


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