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Our Policy

  • We have a no refund policy.  All sales of original artwork and prints are final (no returns or exchanges here). 

  • .The initial 50% deposit for commissioned pieces is non – refundable. This covers the overhead costs we have for that particular project.

  • All artwork and prints orders can be displayed and documented on this website and any social platform and reproduced for other purposes by ZUKI PERSPECTIVE. 

  • If you have any questions, please email and we will work with you to sort out whatever issue you have.

  • All artwork is are the sole property of ZUKI PERSPECTIVE and is held under copyright even after purchase.

  • The artwork and contents of this website may not be copied, collected, or used for personal or professional use without a written permission from ZUKI PERSPECTIVE 

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Giving Back

Here at ZUKI PERSPECTIVE  we believe the key to success and joy is the ability to serve and help others . As we have stated, art can be therapeutic and healing and we want to continue to support people. As a result we pledge to choose one piece from each collection and donate 5%  of proceeds to a chosen  mental health charity.

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