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Zuki Perspective is a luxury contemporary abstract art company, we specialise in unique high-quality works of art.

Zuki Perspective presents abstract art as more than an expression but as an outpouring and an outlet. A place to explore your mind whilst healing parts of yourself through the artwork. It was born in a year where the artist, known to her family as 'Zuki' was starting a new chapter in her life and began to explore new areas of her heart and mind, channelled into unique pieces of perfection.

Life isn't always easy but it is ours to curate as we please, Zuki Perspective  is about creating art that speaks to you , it creates conversations and debates , it gives you a space to escape the realities of life and lets you dream, imagine, relax  or motivate your mind. 

If you are able to achieve this through the artwork then our mission is complete.

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Bespoke art

A personalised experience guaranteed

Our approach to producing a bespoke pieces for you is fulfilling your desires and translating your feelings into a piece of perfection. With help from Zuki Perspective, this can be made a reality.

All pieces are custom made. Made from premium heavy weighted canvas and premium stretcher bars. Prints available on request.

Within our initial conversation, we will discuss and outline the mood, size, style, colour scheme, from which we will be able to confirm a price for the piece.​You will be shown samples and agree on a style that suits you, this may be done virtually, a written confirmation will be given to you and then we can proceed with the process.You are able to have as much or as little contact throughout the process as you desire. Timeframes can vary depending on the piece but this can be agreed upon and discussed at the initial consultation.  Worldwide shipping available.


A non-refundable deposit of 50% will be taken to secure your artwork. After the commission is complete, the remaining 50% is requested upon dispatch.

Art For Businesses

Committed to curating magical moments

One thing we love is collaborating with businesses, whether it’s producing art for the boardroom to excite and motivate your team, or for your hotel  entrance to help your customers unwind. Allow us the access to your blank walls and we will curate the desired atmosphere and the feelings through our art work. Our art will be an appreciating asset for your business to invest in. 

Not looking for a permanent piece? Well we also offer corporate rentals of art work, we can talk to you, to discuss what you want from the rental  and the options to achieve this. The minimum term is a year and after that it will be a rolling monthly contract. The first three months’ payments are up front  and the remainder will be invoiced to you from month 4 onwards. 

Whatever your vision, we will always try our best to accomodate. So why not get in touch today? Connect with us.

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